PTZCam TALLY4 – 4-camera wireless tally system


Add tally lights to your production!

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The PTZCam TALLY4 lets you easily add four (4) wireless tally lights to any camera and control them in conjunction with the PTZCam Switch N8 switcher or Switchblade VMC12 control panel.


  • Bundle includes 4 wireless tally lights, host station, power adapter, micro-USB power cables, and DB25 connection cable.
  • Long-distance transmission up to 1 km in an open area and up to 300 meters in an urban environment.
  • Low transmission power- Does not interfere with other video equipment.
  • High sensitivity- Works well in environments with many other wireless devices.
  • ≤200ms response time
  • Flexible installation with hot shoe and Velcro strap on each tally light.
  • Built-in 2000mAh battery in the host and 700mAh battery in each tally provides long battery life.
  • Can also be powered by included Micro-USB cables.

Technical Specifications

Interface DB25 Port
Communication Carrier Frequency433MHz spread spectrum
Transmission Distance 1 km in an open area, 300 meters away from the city
Battery Specification Built-in 2000mAh battery, approx 20 hours runtime
Charging Port Micro USB
Charging Voltage DC 5V
Recharging Current 400mA
Generating Power 500mW
Host Size About 2.56 x 4.13 x 0.7 inches (65 x 105 x 17.9mm)
Antenna Size About 6.69inches (171mm)
Host Weight About 1.1 lb (0.5kg)
Indicator Light Two-color indicator light
Installation Method Integrated hot shoe wrist strap
Signal Indicator StatusBlue indicator light: flickering after receiving the Tally signal from the host; red indicator light: always on when the battery is not charging, and the power is less than 40%; green indicator light: always on when the battery is not charging, and the battery is less than 80%.
Charging port Micro USB
Tally Size About 1.4 x 2.65 x 0.75 inches (36 x 67.3 x 18.8mm)
Tally Weight About 0.44 lbs (0.2 kg)


Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 8 in