Return Policy

Our official return and repair policy is divided into two distinct processes Evaluation and RMA.

The evaluation process is not considered an official RMA, and we do not provide replacement or credit as part of an evaluation. The evaluation process can include the preliminary troubleshooting and testing where we confirm the issue beyond a reasonable doubt. After this, the standard process is to have for the unit to be sent in for hands on testing in our facility. This is not an RMA. During this we perform standard testing procedures to confirm any issues discovered in the preliminary evaluation. If the issue is confirmed, we begin the second process; an official RMA.

RMAs are only issued after a technical consultation, no exceptions. The formal RMA process begins with us providing an RMA number. We will prioritize repairing a faulty product before providing a credit or replacement. We also follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the specific product, so the process may vary slightly from product to product. In extreme cases where the product cannot be repaired in a reasonable amount of time, or at all, whether we provide a replacement or credit is left to our discretion.

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