HTC Vive Mars CamTrack with Aximmetry Broadcast DE Software, Five Virtual Sets and Operator Training


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VIVE Mars CamTrack is a solution that integrates VIVE Tracker (3.0), SteamVR Base Station 2.0, and a suite of other devices and tools to help you incorporate VR tracking technology into your virtual production projects.

This bundle includes:

  • (5) 3D virtual sets by VirtualSetWorks for Unreal Engine and Aximmetry
  • Aximmetry Broadcast DE software license for 1 computer, 1 year of software updates
  • Aximmetry Operator Training – In-depth user training for Aximmetry ($1000 value)
  • VIVE Mars touch screen processing unit
  • (2) SteamVR Base Station (2.0) room tracking devices
  • (2) VIVE Tracker (3.0) object position trackers
  • (3) Mars Rover camera data acquisition devices
  • Calibration kit
  • Power and data cables

Mars CamTrack Solution Highlights

  • Plug-and-Play, fast setup, no installation required.
  • One-click to reset origin.
  • Robust wiring to minimize latency.
  • Friendly camera calibration kit.
  • Multi-cam tracking, support up to 3 Rovers.
  • Genlock / timecode (LTC) sync support.

Mars Technical Specifications


196 x 134 x 65 mm


1.4 KG


7” LCD touch screen


  • BNC for Genlock
  • 3.5mm audio jack for Timecode
  • 3x RJ45 PoE port for Rovers (up to 3 Rovers supported)


Unreal Live Link / FreeD

Encoder Support

  • Mars FIZTrack
  • LOLED Indiemark 2

Aximmetry Broadcast DE Virtual Production Software

Core Features

  • Real-time 2D/3D rendering
  • Real-time post-processing, effects, color correction, LUT
  • Advanced 3D graphics: HDR, Depth of Field, shadows, reflections, refraction
  • Choice of using Aximmetry native 3D engine or Unreal Engine
  • Support of DLSS, ray tracing, RTXGI when using Unreal Engine
  • Virtual studios:
    • Advanced chroma keying
    • Multiple virtual cameras with editable motion paths
    • Customizable virtual camera and broadcast control interfaces
    • Virtual lighting of live actors
    • Live actors cast real-time shadows, reflections, refraction
    • Support of experimental camera tracking using Antilatency, HTC Vive, Intel Realsense etc.
  • Rendering in arbitrary resolutions up to 8K
  • Multiple simultaneous video outputs to monitors, projectors, LED walls etc. via HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort
  • Live streaming output directly to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch or any platform supporting RTMP streaming
  • Capturing multiple simultaneous video inputs via HDMI/DVI, USB imaging devices, up to 4K
  • Multiple simultaneous input video/image files and image sequences
  • Most of the popular video/image and professional studio formats are supported
  • Highly flexible node-based graphics programming interface
  • Real-time node-based scene editing
  • Seamless integration of Unreal Engine projects into the node-based interface
  • Real-time curve-based timeline and animation editing
  • 2D/3D objects and any rendering parameter can be animated via keyed curves
  • Controlling any event or rendering parameter via touch screen, mouse, keyboard, GPIO, OSC, MIDI, DMX/ArtNet
  • Controlling attached devices from Aximmetry via GPIO, OSC, MIDI, DMX/ArtNet
  • Can be operated as a satellite (slave) in a Multi-Machine configuration where at least one machine has a Broadcast Edition license
  • Customizable on-stage/broadcast control interfaces
  • Customizable touch screen control surfaces
  • Importing 3D objects and scenes with materials and animations from COLLADA or FBX format
  • Custom material/post-processing shaders can be created in node-based editor
  • Node-based particle systems and effectors
  • Mapping: projection onto complex surfaces using grid-based distortion and shape masking
  • Keystone correction
  • Creating panoramic views using multiple projectors with edge blending
  • Multi-projector/mapping shows can be modelled/previewed within the editor
  • Rendering with arbitrary frame sizes and frame rates
  • Recording outputs into video files/image sequences

Additional Features in BROADCAST

  • SDI / NDI Extension:
    • Multiple simultaneous live input sources via SDI / NDI (SD/HD/4K)
    • Multiple simultaneous video outputs via SDI / NDI (SD/HD/4K)
    • Unlimited SDI / NDI video inputs/outputs
  • Network Extension:
    • Aximmetry can be integrated into an existing studio control system using its HTTP command interface
    • Access of RSS feeds, images and any XML/JSON data content on the web via HTTP
  • Broadcast Extension:
    • Support for professional camera tracking systems
    • Support for standalone zoom/focus encoders
    • Camera lens calibration tools
    • Mixing real and virtual camera motion
    • Augmented Reality support
    • LED wall based virtual production
  • Multi-Machine Extension:
    • Synchronized running of Aximmetry on multiple machines using a single control interface
    • Higher number of camera inputs can be distributed among multiple machines
    • Higher number of display / projector outputs can be distributed among multiple machines
    • Each machine in the network requires the purchasing of a separate license. For the control machine a Broadcast Edition license is required, but satellite (slave) machines can be operated with smaller edition licenses as well (with the accordingly diminished feature sets)
  • Multi-GPU Extension:
    • Linked mode: Loading of a complex SDI output rendering can be distributed among multiple GPUs.
      Independent mode: Outputs of a multi-display/multi-projector show can be rendered on different GPUs.
    • Note: Multi-GPU feature cannot be used with Unreal scenes
  • Database Access and Plugins:
    • Direct access of SQL databases
    • Meteo plugin: Graphic elements and tools specialized for weather reports, importing meteorology data from GRIB, NetCDF, radar etc. formats
    • Astro plugin: Astronomical/astrological calculations, 2D/3D imagery of celestial systems and objects
  • Aximmetry Calibrator:
    • An easy-to-use lens/tracking calibration software for users working with various game trackers and object tracking devices that do not have their own lens calibration system. Accurate results for fixed or zoom lenses.
    • Measures the parameters of a lens (lens distortion, FOV, etc.), which is necessary if camera tracking is used.
    • Measure where and in which orientation the tracking device (sensor) is attached to the camera for accurate results.

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 12 in


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