Nimbus WiMi1000 Wireless AP Repeater


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Compatible with select Nimbus wireless transmission systems, the Nimbus WiMi1000 Wireless AP Repeater allows you to extend the wireless distance between the transmitter and receiver by 4000′ with 1 ms latency. It lets you do this even when something is blocking the line of sight, as long as both units have a line-of-sight view of the repeater.

A common application is using the repeater to go around corners. For example, if you place the repeater on a corner of a building, and both your transmitter and receiver are on different sides of that building, as long as each one has a line of sight of the repeater, the repeater will connect them and increase transmission distance by 4000′. A 5000′ system, for example, can be extended to 9000′. It works the same way in fields, tunnels, and various other settings.

The repeater comes with an L-series battery plate as well as a power supply. Simply mount it on the corner or other location via its 1/4″-20 mounting thread, power it on, and set its DIP switches to match the DIP switch settings of the transmitter/receiver set. The repeater is compatible with the Nimbus WiMi5150A, WiMi5200, WiMi5200A, and WiMi6220 wireless transmission systems.

Key Features

Extends the wireless distance between the transmitter and receiver by 4000′
1 ms latency
Enables going around corners when line of sight is broken
DIP switch setup
L-series battery plate and power supply included

Included Items

Nimbus WiMi1000 Wireless AP Repeater for WiMi5150A, WiMi5200, WiMi5200A & WiMi6220 Wireless Systems
3 x 6 dBi Bar Antenna
L-Series Battery Plate
Nimbus DCA12M Mini 12 VDC Adapter for WiMi6220, WiMi5150A, and WiMi5200

Warranty: Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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