Switchblade LPU4 S3 Elite – Advanced 4U media server powered by enlightV Hirender S3


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Switchblade LPU4 S3 Elite

High-performance media server for large-scale events and installations

Successful events rely on solid systems to ensure everything runs flawlessly. While Hirender S3 offers amazing features for creating immersive visual experiences, it does require the right hardware to run efficiently. Switchblade Systems has been making dependable and affordable live production systems for many years and the LPU4 S3 Elite is great example of the convergence of powerful software with powerful hardware.

At only 17″ deep and taking up 4 units of rack space, the Switchblade LPU4 S3 Elite crams a wealth of features and performance into a road-ready package. Use it for running large multimedia events and installations, including concerts, worship services, keynote presentations, award shows, sporting events, and more.

Key Features

  • Includes Hirender S3 software license
  • Space-saving 4U x 17-inch deep chassis
  • Six (6) 4K DisplayPort outputs for up to 23,040 x 2160 pixels resolution
  • NDI video capture
  • 4-channel 4K HDMI capture inputs
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet network ports
  • Professional 1/4″ TRS and S/PDIF 4×4 audio
  • Dual (2) 1TB high-speed NVMe storage drives
  • 4x removable SSD bays

Hirender S3 Software

Powerful media playback and event control software for large-scale productions

Hirender S3 is a professional, all-purpose media server application with a vast set of tools for displaying and controlling media assets across multiple displays. Hirender supports a virtually unlimited number of screens, from traditional monitors to giant LED walls to multiple projectors.

Any type of event can make use of Hirender, including concerts, exhibitions, experience centers, museums, and special events. Beyond its powerful video management capabilities, the software also works with lighting protocols including DMX, making it an ideal central control platform for all aspects of a production. Control DMX lighting consoles in conjunction with timed video and audio queues to create perfectly synchronized experiences for the audience.

Each Hirender instance is able to communicate with other instances on a network, enabling large-scale workflows with multiple video output nodes operating in concert. Such a workflow was used for the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, an experience that was seen around the world and remembered for its technical achievements and elegance.

Learn more in this quick overview video:

Hirender Key Features

Program Mode

“Windows” in Hirender S3 represent areas where content is displayed in your composition, regardless of the physical display.

play out. Program mode lets you quickly arrange media clips and live inputs into any number of windows, which can each contain multiple layers of content.


Timeline Mode

The timeline mode in Hirender S3 will feel familiar to anyone who has worked with a video editor like Adobe Premiere. Timeline allows content to be arranged in a linear fashion and sent to any window. Not only does the timeline support video and audio clips, but external triggers can also be added, for example to time lighting changes to video queues. Each timeline arrangement can function as its own separate piece of content that is triggered inside the program view.

Virtual Screens & Screen Slicing

Virtual screens are one the most powerful tools in Hirender S3. Custom dimensions and shapes can be created out of any content window using the screen slicing interface. This can be used for something as basic as a picture-in-picture view to complex cropping, masking and warping of inputs to map projections to different surfaces.

Projection Mapping with 3D Blending


One of the most popular uses of Hirender S3 is for projection mapping. Using the built-in 3D edge blending interface you can crop and warp projector outputs to any size and shape, as well as create smoothly blended edges using various effects and tools.

Multi-Machine Workflows

Hirender S3 installations running on multiple computers can be linked together over a local area network (LAN), enabling large-scale display environments with virtually unlimited outputs, all controlled by one master server. An example of this workflow was the 2022 Winter Olympics ceremonies in Beijing, which used multiple machines connected to an array of projectors all working in concert.

Preview Mode

The preview function in Hirender S3 allows editing of compositions without impacting the live production, which is critical for making changes during an event.

Capture Card Inputs

Ingest live video from various sources using off-the-shelf capture cards from Blackmagic, Yuan, and more. Capture multiple HDMI or SDI inputs.

NDI Capture

Hirender S3 supports the capture of NDI video sources on the local network, making it easy to add live IP video to your productions.

Multiple Protocols for AV Control

Hirender S3 supports multiple protocols such as TCP, UDP, serial port, MIDI, and DMX, which can send control commands to various devices such as DMX fixtures, sound, relays, projectors, and manipulator arms through output control. At the same time, Hirender S3 also supports input controls, meaning the software can receive control commands sent by external consoles, servers and other devices. Both functions allow for very flexible configuration of synchronized assets and equipment.


Hirender S3 includes a redundant operation mode, which can switch to a backup machine for output when the signal of the main machine is unexpectedly interrupted. When the primary and backup machines are connected via the LAN, the playback progress and media can be synchronized with just one click, ensuring the event continues to run smoothly.

Video Effects

Hirender S3 includes a range of adjustment effects such as transparency, contrast, hue, feathering, cropping, and masking, ensuring your creative ideas come together seamlessly.

Global Brightness

The screen brightness can be adjusted across all displays to improve the program visibility in poor lighting environments.

Smart Central Control

Hirender S3 can be controlled remotely using the Hirender Touch app for Apple iOS devices. This allows an operator or design to move freely around the venue while controlling the event, which is particular helpful during preliminary staging and testing.

Digital Copyright Protection

Hirender S3 supports a digital media resource encryption scheme, which allows users to set keys and authorization times for media assets in the Broadcasting Assistant and generate ELV2 private encryption format files. Encrypted media assets can only be played through Hirender software with the correct keys during the authorized time. The media resource encryption function ensures the security and reliability of the assets and prevents unauthorized copying and distribution.

Advanced Security & Lock Mode

Hirender S3 includes user-level access management, which can configure operation permissions for multiple users. The screen lock feature also can be used lock the user interface and requires a password to unlock.

Learn More

Hirender S3 Tutorials on YouTube


Hirender S3 Introduction (PDF)


Hirender S3 User Manual (PDF)

Additional information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions30 × 20 × 12 in


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